Company is a global mobile games publisher specializing in F2P games.

As a trusted partner to independent game developers, we offer a unique combination of expertise in game design and monetization as well as an ability to bring your game into the spotlight. We will help you identify and eradicate the bottlenecks in the game and increase the number of users who enjoy playing it.

Publishing Services

F2P games expertise
Promotion in the App Store
Global distribution and regional partner network
On-going user acquisition
  • Localization
  • Promotional artwork
  • Social media campaigning
  • Cross-promotion and paid UA
  • In-game analytics
  • Community management
Publish My Game Our services can be utilized both for games that have already been released to market as well as games that are in development and/or nearing release.

How We Work

Initial Consultation
  • Establishing contact
  • Game analysis
  • Game expertise
  • Terms of agreement
  • Agreement signing
Soft Launch
  • API integration
  • ASO & localization
  • Single-country release
  • Result analysis
  • Metrics optimization
Global Launch
  • ASO
  • Game localization
  • Global release
  • User acquisition
  • PR and social networking

Become Our Partner

We know how much you love your project and we also know how to make it even better. We will expertize your game and will help you make all the needed improvements to get your project to the Top of the charts.